About the Owner


Yakotshanuni niyukyats (My Oneida name is Yakotshanuni)
Kathleen O'slunikeha niyukyats. (My English name is Kathleen)
Ohkwali niwakitalot^ (I'm bear clan)
On^yota:aka niwakuhutysot^ (I'm Oneida)

I'm so happy to have you here to learn more about my vision and passions. I started beading 7 years ago to help with a tramatic experience and at the time I wasn't confident in who I was or my abilities. I only gave my beadwork as gifts. In 2021, picked up my beads to help me heal. I envision growing my business to support Indigenous youth all across turtle island but specifically my community of Oneida Nation of the Thames and surrounding area. I'm on a mission to support Indigenous youth develop and grow their gifts as I have let my gifts guide me to this point in my life and I dream of a future where we're all "Guided by our Gifts" finding happiness, passion and purpose along the way!

I own a pair and they are stunning quality pieces. Support local artists. Check her stuff out she is very trusted and lovely to talk to!

Kalen Macoy