What does it mean to be GUIDED by your gifts?

I wanted to share the story and inspiration behind my business name and a little about the vision of my small business.  I am very thankful for all of the opportunities I have had to learn more about my Identify and cultural teachings.  If you haven’t read my bio I’ll summarize I’m from Oneida Nation of the Thames born and raised.  I left to go to university and found myself shamed of who I was because I had such a unsteady Identity.  What did it mean to be Oneida at the time I have very little cultural experiences and knew very little of my language.  I had brown skin and called myself Oneida.  Due to the impacts of colonization and residential schools, I began to understand that this was not my fault but as an adult I can change that, I can learn my language, I can ask for teachings and attend community events.  I can learn.  Learning has always been my strongest gift.  I learn quickly and with easy.  I like to learn about people and what makes them different then everyone else.  I like learning skills and random knowledge.  Learning is my greatest gift and I love sharing what I have learned anyway that I can if it’s to my students in the classroom or if it’s in conversation with community.  I love learning and sharing.  I started learning cultural teachings and language and would share those with with my friends and family.  I strengthen my identity and became confident in being Oneida and defining it on my own terms.  I forgave myself for not having access to cultural teachings and language in my childhood.  I dreamt and manifested a name for my business for months.  I started beading again in June of 2021 after the tragic news of the unmarked graved were revealed as a method to heal myself and because I had already been working on my mindset I was more secure in my abilities and decide to sell some of my beadwork after I have requests from friends and family.  But I don’t want my small business to just be able selling my beadwork.  I want to let my gifts guide my path and share all the other aspects of my personality, hobbies and interests.  I want to help others find their gifts and let their gifts guide them as I think it’s the more authentic way of being and the best potential we have in acts of service to others that’s how we make the world a better place for all of us.